The lending market is large, growing and in constant transformation, especially as traditional banks have limited their coverage of specific projects and situations.

Private Debt & Distressed Debt

rivate debt is a rapidly growing asset class, particularly in Spain, where the banking system is highly concentrated and asset backed projects have limited access to financing alternatives.
Furthermore, the real estate sector is a substantial consumer of energy, and therefore a focus for energy savings efforts to comply with 2030 Agenda and beyond, which creates sizeable financing needs for capex and assets’ repositioning.

Bank disintermediation is accelerating after Covid-19 creating even more opportunities for debt funding to provide flexible financing adapted to the projects business plans and with short “time to decision” process.


e provide short to mid term financing to asset acquisitions and debt refinancing backed by real assets with flexible terms and conditions adapted to the needs of the borrower. We perform in-depth due diligence and underwriting of potential borrowers having a proven track record on execution, monitoring of portfolio and periodic reporting.

We offer hands-on, value-added strategies that give investors access to unique opportunities in this alternative investment space, achieving recurrent cashflows and attractive risk-adjusted returns with low correlation with other financial assets ad with the economic cycle.

We are pioneer in identifying new investment opportunities in untapped markets, while obtaining value from complex transactions & situations though long-term investment approach, prioritizing capital protection, profitability and value creation for its investors.