Vast experience, solid track record and proven capacity to source, underwrite and execute opportunistic transactions on real estate markets such as Spain, Portugal, Germany, north & south America markets.

We identify new investment themes to attend the new trends of the markets in a variety of asset classes to focus on various investment verticals from residential and hospitality to office, commercial and logistic markets by innovative financing structuring and solutions. The investment strategy includes acquisition, structuring, development, asset management and divestment of real estate assets & companies, which translate into attractive diversification and risk-adjusted returns for our investors to generate long term sustainable value.

Furthermore, the real estate sector is a substantial consumer of energy, and therefore a focus for energy savings efforts to comply with 2030 Agenda and beyond, which will create a relevant demand for green building’s asset repositioning on sustainable development of the plot’s free space, water consumption efficiency, energy efficiency, the use of alternative energies, the improvement of the interior’s environmental quality, the selection of materials and waste management in construction, among others.

We provide a comprehensive range of services, from advisory, asset backed finance solutions and asset management services, that helps developers, owners and investors integrate sustainability requirements to assets & portfolios implementing green solutions.