New wave of cloud-based infrastructures and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) being used to allow us to build, configure and manage business process outsourcing for the financial industry, breaking the stranglehold of traditional transaction banking models.

Time plays the most important role in this context, with AI algorithms for risk assessment, integrations with open banking, and LaaS system components being capable of accelerating the process

By using our embedded finance solutions, incumbent banks, NeoBanks, direct lenders and alternative lenders, are able to accelerate their deployment of smart capital in the mortgage market by accessing to differentiated and efficient BPO “pay-per-use” services, quickly identifying niche segments to reach a large number of customers without requiring significant resources, first by digitizing the entire process and second by helping them place these products and services (through the API) in the broader market ecosystem with proven financial services experiences.

We embrace a full platform capability and data feeds for end-to-end services in new markets

Developing new digital products, by automating credit decisions through the use of alternative data sources…

Creating individual process components, which can be integrated (via API) into existing bank / lenders processes or external origination channels (real estate market places)

We employ a highly specialized task-based business model, utilizing the latest technology to make a platform that not only provides banks and lenders with an alternative data analytics and processes to better qualify risk, but also provides plug & play capability into the new range of origination channels via API marketplaces.